Greengrass Salutations Note Kit



Fancy seeing you here.

What a pleasant surprise. This is an eco-friendly note kit featuring lush green old-school type on our signature ultrawhite paper. Goes well with the Good Day Sunshine Letter Kit and Standard Thanks Kit.

Each note kit comes with everything you need — note cards, envelopes, and USA Forever® postage stamps.


For their big moments

• accomplishments

• birthdays

• graduations

• engagements

• pregnancies

• promotions

• housewarmings

• condolences

• just because 

Illustration of a stamp

One USA Forever® stamp will get your standard envelope anywhere in the country, and it never expires. Foolproof.


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Save 30% on average when you shop with Nice vs. other leading brands. We only ship direct so we save on brick-and-mortar costs and pass the savings back to you.


Forest Stewardship Council logo

We only use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. This means the pulp is sourced from sustainable forests. Plus, our manufacturer matches 100% of the electricity used to produce the paper with Green-e certified wind energy.


• women-run small business, independently owned & operated since 2017

• archival quality paper — resists yellowing, can last up to 200 years

• designed and printed in-house

• A6 flat notes (4.5” x 6.25”) 

• comes in recyclable packaging 

Set of 10

10 flat notes, 10 envelopes, 10 USA Forever® stamps

Set of 20

20 flat notes, 20 envelopes, 20 USA Forever® stamps, ships free

Set of 50

5flat notes, 50 envelopes, 50 USA Forever® stamps, ships free

Set of 100

100 flat notes, 100 envelopes, 100 USA Forever® stamps, ships free



We’re not like a regular stationery company, we’re a cool stationery company.

But seriously, we’re pretty different from the other guys. We started Nice because we noticed something troubling and wanted to do something about it: despite having more online connectivity than ever, we live in an era of unprecedented social isolation. In the last 50 years, rates of loneliness have doubled in the United States. A 2018 survey found that almost half of Americans reported feeling alone, left out, and isolated. That’s a problem worth solving.

80 years of research 

Don’t take our word for it. Dr. Vivek Murthy, former U.S. Surgeon General, says loneliness is a major health issue that’s much more prevalent than people realize. It puts the body into a chronic stress state, undermining our mental health and predisposing us to serious physical conditions like heart disease, stroke, metastatic cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. 

The good news? The Harvard Study of Adult Development, the most comprehensive study of emotional well-being in history, indicates that quality relationships are the number one predictor of happiness and lifespan — more than genes, IQ, or income. Robert Waldinger, director of the study, says, “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” 

Action required

The pressure’s on these days. We’re working longer hours and living farther apart from one another. Busy schedules are hard to coordinate, so we’re seeing less of each other and skipping regular calls & video chats. Social media seems like a convenient substitute when we’re craving that connection, but can leave us feeling worse off when we get sucked into a rabbit hole of distraction and social comparison. Emails and texts are useful for work and coordinating plans, but often result in fractured personal conversations that lose steam until they get completely lost in the shuffle. 

Handwritten mail has the do-it-on-your-time ease of digital communication, but is stripped of the expectations of instant delivery and response. It’s a reflective process free from the distractions of a smartphone — a rewarding way to slow down and change up your routine. It’s a timeless, tangible, and deeply personal way to sustain meaningful one-on-one conversations throughout your lifetime, at your own pace. There’s truly nothing else like it. 

It’s never been easier 

While some stationery brands have history dating back centuries, no other brand has been built like us. From day one, we’ve worked to adapt the traditional stationery model to address the particular concerns of people living today. All of our paper is ethically sourced and priced to be practical for frequent use. Plus, every kit is always bundled with stamps — no extra trip to the post office. For the first time, all you have to do is write and send. Mail made simple.

It begins with you

In a world where fear, suffering, polarization, and instant gratification often reign, you have the opportunity to set a different example. It may seem insignificant, but going the extra mile to spread love, compassion, appreciation, and kindness can change the course of your life — and it’s contagious. Give and you shall receive. You have the power to set off a chain reaction of exchanges that help make the world a little bit better, one person at a time. 

Welcome to the party.

Grace Lilly  


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