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"My friends and family who have received my letters raved about how great it was to get a handwritten letter and not just a text. I recommend them to everyone."

Washington, DC

Feel closer to your favorite people.


Like a vitamin for your relationships

In 2017 I had the painful realization that my social life had accidentally slipped mostly into fractured text conversations and watching my friends’ lives play out on social media. Like most people I knew, busy schedules and tight budgets made it hard to keep up with regular calls and in-person meetups. I felt overstimulated by technology, superficially connected, and I craved something deeper. 

As an experiment, I wrote 30 letters in 30 days. At the end of the month, I was hooked. I felt mentally healthier than I had in years — reconnected to the tangible “real world" and noticeably closer to my favorite people. I started Nice because I realized how many other people were craving a similar change and looking for tools to help. I believe in the power of this timeless practice and want it to be an easy, accessible option for anyone seeking balance in our increasingly digital world. I hope it makes you feel good and brings you closer to the people you love.


Grace Lilly, Founder

Quick facts

  • In the last 50 years, rates of loneliness have doubled in the United States
  • For the first time in history, the average American adult now spends more time in front of screens each day than they do sleeping
  • U.S. physicians warn that excessive social media use can cause depression and anxiety
  • Maintaining quality relationships helps you live longer and feel happier

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Three signature products

Notes • Letters • Thanks


Notes icon high five

For their big moments

• accomplishments
• birthdays
• graduations
• engagements
• pregnancies
• promotions
• housewarmings


Letters icon pinky promise

For when you miss them

• when miles can't separate you
• the long version of the story
• letting your guard down
• doodling for a personal touch
• pen pal exchanges
• when you're the sentimental type


Thanks icon gratitude

For when they do something nice

• gifts
• celebrations
• favors big and small
• interviews
• letters of recommendation
• holiday season

Happy customers

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"The products are beautiful, the pricing is great, the customer service is wonderful, and the connections you can strengthen with the ease of writing and sending a good letter are priceless. I’m so excited to buy new sets when I run out."

Decatur, GA

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"My friends and I are able to stay in contact in a more personal way and on a regular basis - this means a lot in the digital world we live in. Believe me - the ease of having what you need to write a letter all in one place makes a huge difference."

Fort Collins, CO

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"I don't always have time to reply to texts right away and I hate how that can convey that I'm ignoring or not prioritizing that person. When I send letters with friends, there's no distraction. Just heartfelt conversation that picks up where the last letter left off."

New York, NY


Feel the difference for yourself.

Stress relief

Taking regular, mindful breaks throughout your day has been proven to reduce stress and increase focus, motivation & creativity. Writing to people by hand helps you relax and recenter — plus it nourishes your relationships without the distractions of a smartphone.


Stronger memories

Physical material like paper is more “real” to the brain than digital content, because it engages emotional and spatial processing. That’s why you feel so weird-in-a-good-way when you hold your favorite childhood toy, a homemade gift, or a letter from someone you love.


Happier and healthier

Maintaining strong social bonds does more than help you feel good, it can also help you live longer. The most comprehensive study of emotional wellbeing in history found that quality relationships are the #1 predictor of lifespan and overall happiness.

A healthy balance

Trying to cut back on social media?

You’ll need more than willpower alone. Research shows the more you try to supress your thoughts the more likely you are to revert back to old habits. Instead, it’s been proven that the easiest way to succeed is to incorporate a new, positive activity into your routine.

100% of our paper comes from responsibly managed forests, and the power used to manufacture it is matched with Green-e® certified renewable energy. Read about our sustainable practices here.


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