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Nice To Meet You

We're a small team in New York City, inspired by old movies, the way jellyfish look, people holding the door for each other, Larry David, and really old cars. Not too long ago we had a big realization. Between work and leisure, we were spending the majority of our time staring at screens — and it started feeling bad. 

Neck pain, migraines, and blurry vision. Envy, guilt, anxiety, and depression. We quickly discovered we're far from alone. There's an astounding body of studies and articles published about the rise of mental and physical health concerns stemming from overuse of screens and social media. Researchers and reporters are studying these issues every day (see our Health page). 


30 Letters In 30 Days

We challenged ourselves to cut down our screen time  mostly the compulsive kind, like when you catch yourself unlocking your phone or scrolling through apps repeatedly without a conscious thought. But we were a little worried about feeling disconnected from the world at our fingertips.

Writing letters seemed like a solid compromise. So we decided to write and send one every day for a month to test the waters. Almost immediately we started feeling calmer, happier, and more connected. Then we started Nice Paper Goods


Our Ethos

Nice is intended to strengthen the bonds between people. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to put pen to paper and invest in your relationships. 

Nice is not a greeting card company. We're also not anti-internet, anti-smartphone, anti-social media, or anti-technology. We're just something to add to your toolkit.


Our Products

We only sell things we would proudly use ourselves. Our creative mandate is to produce a limited range of clean designs that represent you stylishly while leaving the emphasis on your written word. All of our cards, sheets, and envelopes start with weighty, ultra-premium paper. They're lignin-free to maximize the lifetime of your letters, and FSC-certified to minimize our environmental impact.  

In case you're curious, lignin is an organic polymer found in plant cells and a major contributor to the chemical degradation of paper. So high-lignin papers (like newspapers) are more prone to yellowing and becoming brittle over time. Our products are made to last. And because paper is a forest product, we only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper in production. This means that all of the paper we use was manufactured in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable manner. 



Next up: the Health research


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